Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nothing from a can except....

E is 7 months old and has four teeth. I really thought two teeth at five months was the sign of a good eater. I still have it at the forefront of my mind that four teeth at 7 months, despite all this physical evidence that says otherwise, is a sure sign of a good eater. No. Four tiny bites of anything probably does not mean "good eater."
When E was 6 months my frozen supply of pumped breastmilk that I had been guarding like gold was used up by my "good eater." On the days that I work now I don't pump enough to feed him all day the next day that I work. Andy has to resort to......formula. I hate even to think it. And I was so sure that by 7 months he would be eating enough solid food that he wouldn't need the......formula. I don't know why I am so against it! But it makes me sad to think that I alone cannot feed this little man. We have tried rice cereal (what a joke!), oatmeal cereal, pureed carrots, apples, pears, bananas, melon and sweet potatoes. He seemed a little interested in cut up pieces of banana the other day, but just gets mad when I try to get spoonfuls of anything into his mouth. He is a boob man all the way.
So I guess I can't say nothing from a can. But I am still going to try for nothing else! I am sure we will find some form of whole food that he will eat! In the meantime, I have put up peaches, grape juice, squash, melon, tomatoes, salsa, and dried cherries and apples. Hopefully he will find something in there that he likes.