Sunday, August 24, 2008

5 Months Old....and 2 New Teeth!

I usually try not to read into things too much....okay, I guess that's an outright lie. I probably read into things way too much. But shouldn't teeth at five months mean I have a good eater on my hands?
A keeps asking me, "Doesn't it hurt to breastfeed him now?" But I don't think he realizes when E sucks he sticks his tongue out so it is covering his teeth. He must notice it when he gives him a bottle but maybe not. I think it is why we haven't had much luck with the rice cereal yet. E just pushes it right back out at us, which is discouraging for solids but encouraging for breastfeeding. Hopefully he'll breastfeed for at least a year. We'll see. I was up with him every two hours last night. Not his usual routine but I'm guessing it doesn't feel too good to have two little sharp objects cutting through your gums. I think we'll put the rice cereal on hold for now. Besides, it comes from a box. I've searched for recipes that I can make myself but it is hard to get the iron that babies need when you make it yourself. Any suggestions?